Fanaka loan app is a popular lending platform in Kenya, providing quick and convenient access to credit for individuals in need. With its user-friendly interface, Fanaka allows users to apply for loans, check their loan status, and manage repayments seamlessly through their mobile phones. The app has gained traction due to its fast approval process and flexible repayment terms, making it a go-to choice for many Kenyans facing financial emergencies.

Fanaka loan app is now trending as one of the best loan apps in Kenya 2024. As a finance blogger I am going to briefly review for you this loan app on its legitimacy, loan amount, interest rates among other parameters.

This is what I know about Fanaka loan app: 

Fanaka Credit app by Azima Technologies is a quick loan app that offer loans to Kenyans via MPESA. 

Fanaka loan app loan limits and Interest rates 

Through this app one is able to apply for emergency loans starting from kes 2000 up to 50,000 and repay the loan after 3 months. Fanaka credit app charges an interest of 1.6% per month or an APR of 14% per year.

To apply for Fanaka credit loans, download the app from Google playstore register, apply and receive your loan in Mpesa wallet. Download Fanaka loan app 

Repay your loan on time to avoid subsequent loan denial and limits decrease. Pay the loans through the app with mpesa express.

Is Fanaka loan app Legitimate? 

Many Kenyans are asking if this loan app is legit or Fake. I don't know if this app is fake or legit because I have not tested it myself but  this is what I saw at Google playstore reviews and comments: Many people are complaining of not receiving the loans. The app keeps on crushing and customers are unable to register on the app. My advice to you: DON'T pay FEES before getting the loans. Some apps are asking for fees and end up not giving out the loans. DON'T be Conned be warned. 

How To Contact Fanaka credit app customer service

Contact fanaka app through: 

Email: or 

N/B This app  contains ads which many people are uncomfortable with Proceed ONLY if comfortable. There are also many bad apps in the internet that charges FEES. Please DON'T be conned ! Don't pay fees to receive loan.



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