There are several loans and grants that are available in Kenya for people living with disabilities. If disabled people are assisted(empowered) they can be very productive in their lives. 

Are you a person living with a disability or a relative of a person living with disability in Kenya and need assistance for Mortgage loans for disabled, Business loans for disabled, Home loans for disabled ? I can help you out for assistance. Am going to briefly describe a list of loans and grants one can get assistance from as a person who is abled differently. You can try and approach these loan organisations.

Top Disability loans in Kenya 

  • National Fund For The Disabled of Kenya 
  • Uwezo Fund loans 
  • Youth Enterprise Fund 
  • Women ,Youth and People With Disability County Revolving Fund
  • Vision Fund Kenya 
  • Women Enterprise Fund Loans 

National Fund For Disabled of Kenya 

This is the National level fund for persons living with disability. This is a grant by the Government of Kenya. To apply for this fund the disabled person must be registered with The National Council for persons with Disability to qualify.

Uwezo Fund

Uwezo Fund is a flagship programme by Kenya Government for vision 2030 aimed at enabling Women, Youth and Persons with Disability access finances to start or promote their businesses for economic growth towards the eradication of extreme poverty. The fund is available at the constituency level. Uwezo funds give two types of loans : Wezesha for first timers and Endeleza for those who already took loans.

Youth Enterprise Fund Loans 

These loans funds are available to youth at the Constituency level 
Youth Enterprise Loans 
  • Bid Bonds and LPO Financing
  • Vuka loans ( Business loans)
  • Constituency Based loans - Rausha,Inua,Special, Smart and Swift loans
To apply for Youth fund loans visit Youth Enterprise Offices at the Constituency level/subcounty

Women Enterprise Fund Loans 

These funds are also available at the Constituency level 
Types of Loans available including:
  • LPO Financing
  • Bid Bonds Financing
  • Thamini loan 
  • Jiimarishe loan /Sacco financing
To apply visit Your Subcounty /Constituency office.

Women ,Youth and People with Disability County Revolving Fund 

This is a fund available at the County level. Each county has its revolving fund that helps the vulnerable at the county level.
To apply visit your County Office.

Vision Fund Kenya Loans 

Vision Fund Kenya is a Christian Microfinance institution founded by World Vision with an aim of offering effective loans as well as economic empowerment through business support for communities.
Vision Fund Kenya loans :
  • Business loans 
  • Education loans 
  • Water and Sanitation loans 
  • Clean & Renewable energy loans
  • Digital loans 
  • Agribusiness Loans : Dairy Farming loans,Farm input loans_fish farming loan,poultry keeping loans and Bee keeping loans 
To apply for loans visit Vision Fund Office at the Subcounty level.


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