Teachers in Kenya play a critical role in shaping the nation's future. Despite their essential contributions, they often face financial challenges due to modest salaries and unforeseen expenses and emergencies. As a result they opt to look for loans. 

Are you a Teacher employed by The TSC ? If you are a teacher looking for an emergency loan ,don't look anymore, on this post am going to give a well researched list of trusted lenders you can apply quick loans from.

1. Mwalimu National Sacco

Mwalimu National Sacco is arguably the most prominent financial institution dedicated to serving teachers in Kenya. Established in 1974, it has grown significantly, providing a wide range of financial services tailored specifically for teachers.

- Loan Products: Includes development loans, emergency loans, school fees loans, and asset financing.

- Interest Rates:Competitive and often lower than commercial banks.

- Repayment Terms: Flexible repayment periods extending up to 72 months.

- Special Benefits: Offers rebates on interest paid and dividends on savings.


- Tailored specifically for teachers, understanding their unique financial needs.

- Offers educational scholarships and bursaries for members' children.

- Provides insurance cover for loans in case of unforeseen circumstances like death or permanent disability.

2.Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT)

While initially focused on women, KWFT has expanded its services to include teachers, recognizing their financial needs. KWFT is known for its commitment to empowering its members through financial literacy and affordable loan products.

- Loan Products: Personal development loans, emergency loans, and school fees loans.

- Interest Rates: Reasonable and competitive.

- Repayment Terms: Flexible, typically ranging from 12 to 36 months.

- Special Benefits: Offers financial training and advisory services.


- Provides loans tailored to enhance personal development and welfare.

- Emphasizes financial education, helping teachers make informed financial decisions.

- Convenient loan processing with quick disbursement.

3.Co-operative Bank of Kenya

Co-operative Bank of Kenya offers a variety of financial products and services specifically designed for teachers. The bank leverages its extensive network and technology to provide convenient and efficient services.

- Loan Products:Personal loans, salary advance loans, and development loans.

- Interest Rates: Competitive with flexible terms.

- Repayment Terms: Up to 60 months for personal loans.

- Special Benefits:Tailored financial products for teachers, including salary advances and overdraft facilities.


- Extensive branch network and digital banking options for easy access.

- Provides financial literacy programs and seminars for teachers.

- Offers special discounts and promotions for teachers periodically.

4. Equity Bank

Equity Bank is one of the largest banks in Kenya, offering a wide range of financial services. The bank provides specific loan products designed to meet the financial needs of teachers

- Loan Products:Salary loans, emergency loans, and school fees loans.

- Interest Rates: Competitive, with preferential rates for teachers.

- Repayment Terms:

Up to 48 months for salary loans.

- Special Benefits:

Access to mobile banking and online platforms for easy loan management.


- Extensive reach with numerous branches and ATMs across the country.

- Quick loan approval and disbursement process.

- Offers financial planning and advisory services.

5.SMEP Microfinance Bank

SMEP Microfinance Bank provides financial services to various groups, including teachers. The bank focuses on empowering its clients through affordable financial products and services.


- Personalized customer service with a focus on individual financial needs.

- Quick loan processing and disbursement.

- Provides financial literacy programs to help teachers manage their finances better.

6. KCB Bank

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is one of the leading banks in Kenya, offering a variety of loan products for different customer segments, including teachers.

Key Features:

- Loan Products:

Personal loans, school fees loans, and development loans.

- Interest Rates:

Competitive with favorable terms for teachers.

- Repayment Terms: 

Flexible, ranging from 12 to 48 months.

- Special Benefits:

Digital banking platforms for easy loan application and management.


- Wide network of branches and ATMs across the country.

- Fast loan approval and disbursement.

- Provides financial advice and support services.

7.Stima Sacco

Stima Sacco primarily serves employees in the energy sector but also extends its services to teachers. It is known for its member-focused approach and competitive financial products.

Key Features:

- Loan Products: 

Development loans, emergency loans, and school fees loans.

- Interest Rates:

 Competitive with rebates for members.

- Repayment Terms:

Up to 60 months for most loans.

- Special Benefits:

Offers dividends on savings and insurance cover for loans.


- Focuses on member benefits, providing rebates and dividends.

- Flexible loan products tailored to meet teachers' needs.

- Offers educational support and financial training.

Mobile phone Loans For Teachers

  • Cash Express Loans
  • Okoa Sasa Loans 
  • Helapesa Loans (App)
  • TrustGro Loans
  • Izwe Loans 

Cash Express Loans 

Cash Express is a quick mobile loan open to Teachers employed by Teachers Service Commission( TSC). The loan is provided by Premier Credit Kenya in Collaboration with Post Bank.
To apply for Express loan ,on your phone dial *241# follow the prompts to register and apply for the loans.

Okoa Sasa Loans 

Okoa Sasa is a quick mobile loan provided by Liberty Africa Technologies in collaboration with TSC. The loans are open to teachers as well as other employees.
To apply for Okoa Sasa loans, Dial*884# follow the prompts to register and apply for the loans.

TrustGro loans/ Fin Kenya 

This is a Mobile loan salary advance available for employed individuals including TSC employees.
To apply dial *714# follow prompts to register and apply.

Helapesa Loan app

This is a quick mobile loan app available for Teachers as well as other employed individuals. To apply for Helapesa loans download the app from Google playstore register and apply.Check here

Izwe Loans 

Izwe loans are also open to employed individuals including teachers employed by TSC. To apply on mobile phone dial *483*69# follow the prompts to register and apply OR send an SMS "IZWE" to 20499

Teachers should carefully consider their options, comparing interest rates, repayment terms, and additional benefits to choose the lender that best meets their needs. With the right financial partner, teachers can achieve their personal and professional financial goals, contributing even more effectively to the education sector in Kenya.


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