Youth Enterprise Development Funds(YEDF) Constituency Based loans are loans from Youth Fund available at the Subcounty / Constituency level where young people can apply and create income generating businesses.

The loans are as follows: 

1.Rausha Loans 

This is a group loan available at the constituency level best for business startups. Rausha loan can be given up to ksh 100,000 with 3 months grace period and can be paid in 12 months equal monthly installments.

2. Inua Loans 

Inua is a business expansion loan for groups. It is advanced to groups with running businesses. Groups which have fully repaid Rausha or loans from other institutions can apply for Inua. Loan amount starts from Kshs. 200,000 and groups can progressively graduate up to Kshs. 1,000,000.
1 st loan: Maximum Kshs. 200,000Payable in 18 months
2 nd Loan: Maximum Kshs. 400,000Payable in 24 months
3 rd Loan: Maximum Kshs. 600, 000Payable in 30 months
4 th Loan: Maximum Kshs. 800, 000Payable in 36 months
5 th Loan: Maximum Kshs. 1,000,000Payable in 36 months
The first Inua loan has a one month grace period. No grace periods for subsequent loans. Loan amounts for up to Kshs. 500,000 will be secured using chattels while conventional securities will be required for loans above Kshs. 500,000.

3. Special Loans 

Special is available only to groups running business projects that generate money on periodical or pre-determinable irregular periods. It will be available for:
  • Agricultural production-horticulture
  • Livestock trading or fattening
  • Fish farming
  • Poultry (broiler) projects
  • Supplies (specific)
1 st loan: Maximum Kshs. 100,000Payable in 12 months
2 nd Loan: Maximum Kshs. 200,000Payable in 18 months
3 rd Loan: Maximum Kshs. 400, 000Payable in 24 months
3 rd Loan: Maximum Kshs. 500, 000Payable in 36 months

4. Smart Loans 

Smart is available to individuals belonging to a group that has benefitted from YEDF and repaid its loan. It graduates group members to individual borrowers.The borrower could be a startup or for expansion.
  • Be a member of a group and be recommended by 75% members of the group
  • Minutes of the group indicating authority to borrow and guarantee the loan must be attached as part of the application documentation to the YEDF head office.
  • A maximum of 80% of the group members shall borrow at the first instance. Subsequent funding to the next batch of members (20% of the members not previously financed) shall be after two instalments on the first loans have been paid.

4. Swift

Swift is for groups that are new consumers of YEDFB products
Loan Amount and repayment period:
The maximum loan amount will be graduated as a repayment incentive as follows;
  1. Start-ups (Grace period of 3 months)
1st loan to memberKshs. 25,000 maximum for 9 months
2nd loan to memberKshs. 50,000 maximum for 12 months
3rd loan to memberKshs 100,000 maximum for 18 months
4th & final loanKshs 200,000 maximum for 24 months
  2. Existing businesses (No grace period)
1st loan to member

without bank statement

kshs 50,00012 Months
Ksh 35,0009 Months
2nd loan to memberKsh 100,00018 months
3rd loan to memberKsh 150,00024 months
4th loan to memberKsh 200,00024 months
  • Security:Group members shall sign a guarantee/undertaking to repay the loan should the individual member default
  • Every loan shall be insured by taking an appropriate life insurance cover of the borrower.
  • A sworn affidavit for the items provided as security for the loan. The borrower should provide his/her items as security, but in cases where s/he does not own any, a close relative e.g. parent should guarantee the loan with their items
  • Loans above Sh100,000 will require registered Chattel Mortgage to be attached to the application
For group loans the following documents should be provided at application:
  • Copy of certified valid group registration certificate and list of membership
  • Copies of IDs for ALL the members
  • A signed undertaking by the group to pay loans guaranteed to its members
  • Group minutes nominating/authorising an applicant to a particular round of the loan
  • Duly completed YEDF loan application form

To Apply for Youth loans ,visit Your Constituency Based Youth office.



  1. I would like to apply for a loan as an individual not exceeding 30000.


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