Is earn wave legit? That is the question many people are asking! However for this question I can not give a direct answer as Myself haven't used Earnwave but I got mixed reactions from people who have used the platform. Some say the platform is legit while others claim its a scam.

However from the Earnwave platform website, they claim to be legitimate and registered to operate in Kenya.

What is Earnwave ? 

Earnwave is an online platform that engages people to earn money with successful get-paid programs. 

How To Register/ Login To EarnWave 

Visit Earnwave website:

Fill in the required information- Full name , Email address and password

Click on Registration button and you will immediately get logged in Earnwave.

How To Deposit To Earnwave 

Login to Earnwave

On the Dashboard click on Deposit

Fill in the required details and click on Deposit Now

You will immediately receive a notification that you have successful deposited cash to Earnwave from MPESA.

How To Withdraw Cash From EarnWave 

The minimum amount to withdraw from Earnwave is ksh 900. Upon reaching that amount you can withdraw as follows: 

Login to Earnwave

On the Dashboard click on Withdraw

Fill in the required details and Click on Withdraw Now

You will immediately receive notification that you have received your money in your MPESA wallet.

How To Contact Earnwave Customer Care 

In case of. Any challenges, contact Earnwave through: 

+254 794 015 717 

Email : 

N/ B 

Readers should take own Full responsibility for engaging in this platform as for me I only give information but have never used the platform.


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