Fuliza MPESA is an overdraft facility that allows MPESA users to send money or settle their bills even if they have insufficient funds in their MPESA wallets. However, its not possible to directly buy airtime for your line with Fuliza MPESA. But here is a trick you can use to buy yourself airtime with Fuliza MPESA without any hustle.

The following Paybill numbers can be used to buy airtime for your number with Fuliza MPESA and receive your airtime credit instantly.

  1. Pesapal : 220220
  2. Myairtime: 256356
  3. Onfon: 710101
  4. Mylilys Supermarket: 309028
  5. Jovan communication: 833030
  6. Jonnel Communication: 180705 
  7. Milton Sons : 665511
  8. Janada : 156076
  9. Hope Speed : 4019575
  10. Okazika : 156215 
  11. Tupay :737373
However, there is a small fee for this service which is usual ksh  1 or 2 ksh depending on the Paybill number you will use.

This is How To Fuliza Airtime Credit:
  • Open MPESA menu
  • Select Lipa na MPESA
  • Select PAYBILL
  • Choose Enter Business Number( Enter Paybill of your choice e.g 220220)
  • Enter your Phone number as The Account Number
  • Enter amount of Airtime to purchase
  • Enter your MPESA pin and send
  • A pop up message will appear that you don't have enough money in your MPESA wallet and gives you option to Fuliza.
  • Reply with 1 to proceed with Fuliza.
You will then receive message about you transaction in a short time.


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