Are you a National Bank Customer who need to check your Account balances on your phone without going to the bank ? Its possible! Here is a simple guide for you to follow and be able to see your bank account balances without visiting the bank.

Thanks to mobile banking, its now easier and more convenient ,one can access banking services at the comfort of their sofa at home on their mobile phones! 

However for one to be able to use mobile banking services, must first visit any National Bank Branch to register for mobile banking to have their bank accounts linked with their mobile phone numbers and be provided with login pins.

How To Check National Bank Account Balances

  • Dial*625# 
  • Enter your Mobile banking pin ( 5digit pin)
  • Select Account Balance
  • Select the Account
  • Reply with 1 to confirm and send 
  • You will receive your bank account balances information instantly.

How To Withdraw Money From National Bank Account To MPESA

  • Dial *625# 
  • Enter mobile banking pin (5 digit pin)
  • Select Cash Services
  • Select Bank To MPESA
  • Select To Own number or Other number
  • Select Account to be debited
  • Enter the mobile number ( if other number)
  • Enter amount to send
  • Reply with 1 to confirm and send 
  • You will receive confirmation messages from both the bank and MPESA.


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