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Cheques usual matures on deposit from 3 to 6 days. This is a very long period for a person who need cash agently and this is where Cheque discounting companies comes in. 

What are Cheque Discounting Companies in Kenya?

These are financial institutions that can give out a cash  of the face value of a cheque at a fee before the cheque matures. Some companies give out a small percentage of the face value and give the rest upon maturity of the cheque.

Top Cash Against Cheque Financial Institutions in Kenya 

  • Mazel Investment Company ltd 
  • Mwananchi Credit Ltd 
  • Ngao Credit Ltd 
  • Milhan Access Capital 
  • Citizen Credit Ltd 

Mazel Investment Company Ltd 

Mazel Investment Company Ltd is a leading financial institution in Kenya.
Contact Mazel Investment Company Ltd for Cheque discounting services through: 
+254 722 808 795 
Located at Six Eigty Hotel, Muindi mbingu street ,2nd Floor suite 203 Nairobi Kenya.

Mwananchi Credit 

This is a credit only company that offer various kinds of loans including Cheque discounting. Contact Mwananchi Credit for Cheque discounting queries through: 
+254 709 147 000
Located at Pension Towers Mazzaine 
Ecobank Towers 2nd Floor 

Mihan Access Capital 

This is also a leading Credit only company in Nairobi Kenya.
The company is located at Azure Tower 7th Floor lantana Road ,Westlands.
Cell +254 790 309 958 

Ngao Credit Ltd 

This is a leading credit only company in kenya. The company offer various loan types including cash on Cheques.
Contact Ngao Credit ltd through: 
+254 709 650 000

Citizen Credit Ltd 

This is a leading credit company in Kenya giving loans to Kenya including Cheque discounting.
Citizen Credit Ltd has got various branches in Nairobi as follows: 
1) Head office  - Located at 11th floor Finance House, Loita street Nairobi
2) Kisirian Branch - First floor Kamunyu House
3) Ngong Branch - 1st  Floor Juliet Towers Ngong Rd
4) Rongai Branch - 2nd Floor Tymes Arcade ,Magadi Road 
Cell +254 722 646 687 


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