How can one contact Kopesha app customer care? Is Kopesha app legit?

Does Kopesha app give loans? These are some of the queries Kenyans are asking. However , you are luck to land on this page! Am going to briefly give an answer to those queries here.

Kopesha Online loan app is quck cash funds to All Citizens, with a credit limit of up to Kshs 50,000. 

You can download the app from Google playstore and apply for loans.

How To Contact Kopesha loan app customer care 

Contact Kopesha loan app customer service through: 


Visit office located at: 6th Floor, Kijabe Street Nairobi Kenya.


N/B From the Google playstore reviews for this app, shows that the app asks for FEES and those paying the fees complain that they don't receive the loans. Please DON'T PAY FEES to receive a loan ,apps asking for fees are likely to be SCAMS. We don't recommend such apps.


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