Inua Funds provides instant loans to Kenyans through their mobile phones.

Looking for the best instant loans to mpesa app in Kenya? This issue the app to download.

Inua Loans Summary

Inua loans Particulars
Loan range - 250 to 50,000.
Interest Rate 8% - 25% p.a
Repayment period -90 to 360 days
Email address:
P.O Box 1696 - 00100 Nairobi

Inua loan Features

1. Loan repayment period of between 90 days and 365 days.
2. Loan amounts starting from 250 to 50,000.
3. Interest rate of 8% & a maximum APR of 25%.
4. Top ups with just few clicks.
5. Due date extensions.
6. Limit increase with early or timely repayments.

Loan Amount: from Kes.1,500 to Kes. 100,000.
Interest Rate: 12.5% per annum.
Processing Fee: 5% of principal amount with minimum amount kes 100 and maximum amount kes 600.

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How To Repay Inua loans 

Timely repayment increases your credit limit and allows you to apply for higher loans credit in the future. Pay your loans inside the app ,you don't have to use PAYBILL to pay the loan.

How To Contact Inua Loan App phone number

Having any issues ,complains, grievances feedback, questions, or concerns concerning Inuka app please e-mail them at:
Visit any of its office branch incase of any inquiries

Softech KE Limited
Mombasa Road Professional Building 4th Floor Opp Barclays, Bank.
P.O Box 1696-00100


From The Reviews and Comments on Google Playstore for this app shows that Most People are Complaining of having paid some fees and denied the loans. Please be careful with apps asking for fees. As for this blog we provide only information and not financial expert advises. Don't pay fees to get loans!

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  1. am erick kimathi.I applied a loan and I also deposited a fee of ksh115 as I was directed when I aplayind online. I dont know what happened because I have not received my approval loan of ksh2700 even after my application was approved. What could be the problem?

  2. Am phenny l applied loan and followed the procedure now it's past 48 hrs was told to wait but in vain

  3. Hey have paid the fee and my app isn't working

  4. I have deposited 115 as instructed and no changes yet,it is almost two months now

  5. I have made deposit and the app is not accepting the Mpesa code.. Are you fellows scam?

  6. I applied a loan yesterday and upto now i have not received any updates what might be the reason

  7. I have paid the registration fee as requested but the app couldn't accept the transaction code

  8. You people are you serious really?

  9. I have paid the security fee from yestarday till now I haven't received the loan

  10. Howdo i passte m pesa mesage

    1. How do I paste mpesa massage

  11. Please I need the loan

  12. Hey I have already pay the money as I was instructed til now no changes about my loan I need a loan

  13. I paid security fee yesterday but have not received loans please it was urgently needed

  14. I have paid ty security fee and run and have not yet receive

  15. You scammers your days are numbered i assure you

  16. Have sent the fee from yesterday no loan till now

  17. I have paid the 100 but no reply

  18. I am Dennis I have loan limit of 11500 i follow the procedure and pay 100 bt I have not received my loan what is the problem

  19. Is this app realy

  20. I have applied for the loan and followed the instructions then I have paid 100through m pesa but not gotten my loan

  21. i paid the 100/= through the mpesa, pasted it but up to now i have not received my loan

  22. Have paid the fee that was needed but have not yet given the loan what's the reason

  23. So it was a scam

  24. Why am I not receiving the money is this a scam or what


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