Tala App is a quick loan app that provide credit to Kenyans via MPESA. Do you wish to increase your Tala loan limit? Tala minimum loan limit is kes 500. Do you know how Tala app system works? Before we get to know how we can improve the loan limit let us first know how Tala works! 

How Tala works 

Tala app works on automated computer based system that is free from human bias. The system is the one to make loan decision according to the information you provide on your smartphone.
After downloading the app ,you have to provide some information about yourself which will be used to make a loan decision. The app system will trust you more if you provide truthfully information and build a good relationship over time.
Tala works on information such as income, occupation ,previous loan history etc. Other useful information are Name, ID Number and age. This information helps the system to determine the applicant ability to repay and the overall loan decision.

The Quick Ways To Increase Tala Loan Limit

1) On-Time Loan Repayment

This is the main determinant of loan limit decision. If you repay your loan on time or even before deadline, chances are that your loan limit might rise. Tala system uses this as the main factor to determine clients loan limits.

2) Make use of MPESA services

Many mobile carriers offer a wide range of mobile payment services e.g M-PESA, Lipa Na MM-PEservice ,send or receive money frequently on your MPESA.Ensure you frequently use these services whether buying airtime credit or paying for goods or services. Doing this enables you to leave behind transaction information in the system database that proves that you actually you are active and have some money.

3) Do not delete mobile payment SMS messages

Whenever you receive or send money via any mobile payment service (Mpesa, Airtel Money, Orange Money etc) do NOT delete the messages.
This goes for when you purchase airtime or pay for goods and services via these platforms.These are also important for your loan limits decision.

4) Request for a loan occasionally

Requesting for a loan and making early repayments increases your digital footprint in their system, thereby increasing your credit worthiness thus providing you access to a much larger loan amount in the future.

5) Keep the app installed on your phone

Don't uninstall the app frequently, the app is constantly checking for your information for a decision for your loans. Uninstalling the app can even reduce your loan limits.

Conclusion On Tala Loan Limits

Although the above are the major factors that determine how your Tala loan limit can be ,but there are other factors that affect loan decision such as Economic crisis, Disasters etc.

How To Contact Tala app customer care 

In case of any challenges, one can contact Tala app via the in-app chart or send and SMS of your issue to 21991 


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