Having any queries you want to solve with PesaZone app? You can contact its customer care for assistance. The PesaZone app customer services contacts are as follows: 

The simple way is just to use the in app chat on the app dash board.

Or use email: support@pesazone.com 

PesaZone app does not have a mobile phone number at the moment, but I shall update it here once they have it. 

How To Get Started with PesaZone Loan App

Your PesaZone account should be now active and verified 

How to apply for a loan from PesaZone App

  • Login to the app 
  • Adjust the amount you wish to borrow 
  • Select the duration of repayment 
  • Submit
You will receive the loan within minutes. If it takes more than 9hours before you receive it, contact PesaZone.Check contacts below this post.

How to repay PesaZone Loan 

You'll use PesaZone Paybill Number 754285 registered as PesaPro Limited
  • Go to Mpesa menu 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business number 754285 (PesaPro Limited)
  • Account number is your phone number (the number verified by PesaZone)
  • Amount (here enter the loan to repay)
  • Enter Mpesa PIN 
  • Confirm 
  • Submit 
Repayment period is 1 week for smaller loan and increases with larger loans.If you wish to use a different Mpesa account to repay the loan, then you should always input (write) your PesaZone verified Safaricom number as the Account number.This allows you to even ask a friend or relative to pay PesaZone Loan for you.

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