How can I quickly improve Okash App loan limit? What are the ways to increase Loan limits for Okash App? If you are looking on the ways you can improve the loan limits for Okash App, you are at the right place, on this post am going to briefly describe on the best and quick ways you can increase your loan limits. However before we go deep on that first let us understand how Okash App works.

How Okash App works 

Okash App works on an automated computer based system that is free from human bias that determine borrowers eligibility on person level in a matter of seconds.

Okash  App uses data from your phone including handset details and financial transaction messages and other loans repayment history.

Ways To Increase Okash App Loan Limits

Its every borrower wish to have access to larger loan limits, however there are things they do wrong and end up have very low loan limits but now the secret is out ! This is how you can open possibility for larger loan limits:

1) Pay Your loans on Time or Earlier

This is the biggest factor for one to enjoy larger loan limits. Paying your loan on time builds trust with the app. Your loan limit will automatically improve over time.

2) Use MPESA Regularly

Make a habit of using MPESA for most of your financial transactions e.g settling bills, sending money etc. An active MPESA account automatically attract larger loan limits.

3) Take loans Regularly

Taking loans regularly improves your trust, take loans and pay to make the system detect that you are an active borrower and automatically your loan limit will go up.

4) Do not Delete Financial Transactions Messages

The app regularly checks your data ,having many financial transaction messages especially MPESA  means you are an active borrower and your loan limits are likely to grow quickly.

5) keep The App installed

Do not uninstall the app from the phone as it regularly checks for your data , removing it from the phone and installing it back ,means it start a fresh. This will lead to low loan limits.


These tricks works ,trust me. Follow these tricks and thank me later! 


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