KCB VOOMA app is the new kcb app that offer kcb customers excellent mobile banking services including, check account balance, Deposit and withdraw cash, pay bills as well as getting some loans.

How do I quickly increase my loan limits on VOOMA app? What are the easy ways to improve my VOOMA app loan limit? If you are asking these questions you are not alone ,many KCB VOOMA app customers are asking the same ,however on this post am going to give the top 5 easy ways you can use to increase your VOOMA app loan limits within a week.

These are the tricks to use to increase your KCB VOOMA app loan limit: 

1) Pay VOOMA loans on Time or Earlier

Paying your loans on time will make the app build trust with you. You can even pay before time and take another loan. This will automatically improve your loan limits.

2) Save Regularly in your VOOMA app Account

Saving regularly with the app makes the app to make easy loan decision for you, saving on the app automatically raises your loan limit. Save more for higher loan limits.

3) Increase MPESA Activities with VOOMA app

Make sure you use MPESA & VOOMA app for your financial transactions such paying bills ,sending money ,buying airtime etc. Many MPESA transactions means you are an active customer and this will automatically improve your loan limit.

4) Take Loans Regularly

Taking and paying the loans regularly increases your credit score, take loans on time and pay before time and take another loan. This will automatically increase your loan limit.

5) Do Not Delete Financial Transactional Messages

The app system regularly looks on your data for next loan decision. Deleting the previous financial transactions messages can result to no improved loan limit.


Although the above tricks works, there is no guarantee that your loan limit will increase, sometimes the app is affected by external factors such as Government policies and Pandemics that makes it difficult for loan decision making.



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