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 Are you looking for genuine loan apps that are not scams in Kenya? How can you tell if the loan app is genuine? This is how you can get genuine loan apps in Kenya. 

Factors To Look For a Genuine loan App in Kenya

1) Registration fees 
Any loan apps that asks for any fees are likely to be scams. They will collect the registration fees and then never give you loans or give you a loan that is less amount than the fees. Keep off such loan apps.

2) A lot of Ads in the app 

Presence of ads in the loan app is already a red flag for a scam. Apps that contains advertisements in most cases don't give out loans they just want you to view the ads.

3) Amount of loans 

Genuine loan apps will always have a very low starting amount usual not more than kes 500. Loan apps that start with bigger amounts of loan offers are likely to be scams. Keep off loan apps that start with high amount like kes 5000.

4) Interest Rates 

Genuine loan apps will always charge very low interest rate ,loans apps that charges high interest rates are likely to be scams.

5) Loan Apps not Available on Google Playstore

Genuine loan apps will always be available for download at the Playstore, apps that are only downloaded via links are likely to be scams.

The list of Genuine loans Apps ( Lenders)  in Kenya Approved by CBK 2023 include:

1)Anjoy Credit Limited

2. Asante FS East Africa Limited

3. Ceres Tech Limited

4. Colkos Enterprises Limited

5. EDOMX Limited

6. Extend Money Service Limited

7. Fourth Generation Capital Limited

8. Getcash Capital Limited

9. Giando Africa Limited (Trading as Flash Credit Africa)

10. Inventure Mobile Limited (Trading as Tala)  

11. Jijenge Credit Limited

12. Jumo Kenya Limited

13. Kweli Smart Solutions Limited

14. Letshego Kenya Ltd.

15. Little Pesa Limited

16. MFS Technologies Limited

17. M-Kopa Loan Kenya Limited 

18. Mwanzo Credit Limited 

19. Mycredit Limited

20. MyWagepay Limited

21. Natal Tech Company Limited

22. Ngao Credit Limited

24. Pezesha Africa Limited

25. Rewot Ciro Limited

26. Risine Credit Limited  

27. Sevi Innovation Limited

28. Sokohela Limited

29. Tenakata Enterprises Limited

30. Umoja Fanisi Limited

31. Zanifu Limited

32. Zenka Digital Limited


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