PesaPap App is the mobile banking app for Family Bank Kenya. Through the app , Family bank customers can access their bank accounts for balance enquiries, deposit / save or withdraw cash as well as getting loans.

How do I easily improve the PesaPap app loan limits? What are the best quick ways to increase my PesaPap app loan limit? If you are asking yourself these questions, you are not alone ,many PesaPap app customers are asking the same,however I have got a solution for you! 

This is how you can Quickly Increase your PesaPap app Loan limit: 

1) Excellent loan Repayment

Pay your PesaPap app loans on time or even earlier then take other loans and repay again. PesaPap app will automatically build trust with you if you continue taking loans and paying on time. In short time your loan limit will automatically increase.

2) Keep The App Installed on your Phone

Uninstalling the app regularly might result to lower loan limits as the app will not be able to make a proper lending decision as it relies on the informational data on your phone. Do not delete the app for it to increase your loan limit.

3) Save Regularly with The App 

Saving regularly increases your chances for higher loan limits with the app.

The app loan decision will be easy if you save regularly with the app.

4) Increase MPESA activities

Make use of MPESA services such as Pay bills, send money etc. Active MPESA account attract larger loan limits. 

5) Take loans Regularly

Taking loans regularly builds trust for you, take loans and pay on time for an easy decision on lending. An active borrower will always unlock larger loan limits.

6) Do not Delete Financial Transactions Messages

Financial transactional messages are very important for the app in making lending decision. Deleting them will make the app make a low loan limit. For an improved loan limit keep the messages.


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