Inuka loans app in a new instant loan app that offer loans to Kenyans via MPESA. Inuka loan app gives loans ranging from ksh 3000 to ksh 30,000 with a repayment period of up to 270 days.

Inuka loan app charges interest rate of between 5% to 36% APR.

Inuka app Paybill number

Inuka loans app does not require Paybill number for loans repayment, Customers can repay their loans within the app.

How To Download Inuka app 

To download this app visit play store 

Search for INUKA APP

Click on it and download it

Register with the app and apply for loans 

However, this app contains adds and from some reviews from Google play store shows that the app requires registration fees . PLEASE DONT PAY FEES, however Customers comfortable with that can proceed to download the app and apply for loans.

Inuka App Contact phone numbers

Do you have any issues with Inuka app? You can contact inuka app customer care through: 

We will update their phone number once they provide it. 



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