Gas Retail Business is gaining popularity after many Kenyans stopped using charcoal after the Government ban on cutting trees for charcoal making. As a result many people especially those living in urban opted for Cooking gas.

If gas retail business is what you are thinking to start, its not a bad idea you can go for it! All you have to do is to make sure you place your business at a good place accessible for your customers.

Requirement and Licenses

Before you start your Gas Business make sure you have all the permits and licenses to avoid any inconveniences during the running of the business.

1) County Authority Single Business Permit

This is the Basic license  required for you to start your business in any county in Kenya. The cost of this document varies from county to county but ranges between kes 3000 to kes 5000

2) Energy and  Petroleum Regulatory Authority License

This document is given by EPRA ( Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority in Kenya.

3) PIN Registration from Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

4) VAT Registration from KRA

5) Business Registration Certificates 

6) Fire Certificate from County Fire Office

7) Certificate for weight scale calibration from weights and measures department

8) A valid distribution permit / agreement with the respective Gas brand

9) Certificate for Safety and Health survey from Directorate of Occupational health and safety

However, many Gas retailers are good to go once they get certificate from the county government.


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