Are you living in abroad but need to open a bank account in Kenya? Its possible to open a diaspora bank account in Kenya while still abroad either working or on long time stay in abroad. You can choose to open a bank account in Kenya shilling or in foreign currency such as USD, Euro or sterling pound which ever is is best for your need. Most banks in Kenya offer this service.

General Requirements For Opening A Diaspora Bank Account in Kenya 2021 

These are the general requirements most banks will ask for one to open a Diaspora Bank Account in Kenya.

  • Must be a Kenyan living abroad
  • Valid Kenyan passport or National ID
  • Notorized proof of address e.g utility bill, driving licence
  • Dully signed FATCA form for USA for those living in USA
  • Colored passport sized photo

How much does it cost to Open a Diaspora Bank  Account in Kenya 

The cost of opening a bank account in Kenya depend on the diaspora account type and the bank in which the account is opend with.
Some banks requires no money to open a diaspora account while others require up kes 10,000 first minimum deposit.

5 Best Banks To Open A Diaspora account in Kenya 

These are the best banks in Kenya to open Diaspora account in terms of how much is required to open a bank account.
1) Equity Bank Diaspora account - Requires Nil deposit
2) NCBA Bank Diaspora account - Requires Nil deposit
3) KCB Bank Diaspora account - Requires kes 1000 deposit
4) Stanbic Bank Diaspora account - Requires 1000 deposit
5) Gulf African Bank Diaspora account - Requires kes 5000 deposit.
N/B Equity bank is considered as the best of the best.

How To Open A Diaspora Bank Account with Equity Bank of Kenya 

This is the simple process on how to open a diaspora bank account with Equity bank 
  1. Visit Equity bank website and download Diaspora account opening application forms
  2. Completed the forms accurately
  3. Attach all the required documents as required
  4. Scan & Send the forms and supporting documents to 
  5. Send the Original ( hard copy) email demnity forms via posta to the address: 
Diaspora Banking, Equity Bank Ltd 
Global Centre ,4th Floor Argwing Kodhek Kilimani
P.O Box 103098 - 00100 Nairobi Kenya.


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