Are you looking for an insurance quote for your new car in Kenya? Do you want to purchase your car insurance Online in Kenya ? You can compare different car insurance quotes and choose the best and the one suitable for you online at the comfort of your home. For this purpose am going to reveal to you the best and most trusted sites in Kenya where you can compare and buy online car insurance policies provided by different insurance companies in Kenya.

1) PesaBazaar 

This is the number one Online insurance comparison site where one can compare and buy Insurance online from the leading insurance companies in Kenya. The customer have the advantage of choosing the best from the different quotes provided by different insurance companies. There is no commission involved and the insurance cover is got instantly. Car insurance stickers can be delivered the same day within Nairobi.

Check the site here

2) Car Duka 

From the Car Duka website one can compare best car insurance quotes from best insurance companies in Kenya  freely and buy the best suitable for your car.

Check the site here

3) Definition Insurance

Definition insurance also offers a site where one can compare different car insurance quotes and choose the one that best suit them from different insurance companies of their choice.

4) InsureAfrika's Next Insurance

Next Insurance owned by InsureAfrika offers online car insurance services.

Through Next Insurance one is able to see quotes and buy car insurance online and receive the the insurance stickers within 24hrs 

5) Griffins Motor App / Griffins Insurance

This is a digital and SMART motor app available in Kenya where one can purchase car insurance via the app. This is the newest development in the insurance industry in Kenya.

Through the app one is able to get car insurance quotes in seconds, Smart and fast emergency response, super fast claim settlement and enjoy flexible insurance policy periods. 

You can Check the app here 


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