Thanks to Internet! No matter where you live as long as you have internet access you can always make money online.

Forget about the "ask me how or Make ksh 10,000 daily" narratives in social media , today am going to reveal to you the top best and sure ways of making clean money online in Kenya!

1) Freelancing

Whenever Freelancing is mentioned ,what comes to many people's mind is academic writing, No there is a lot one can do as a freelancer! 

Persons with skills such as Logo designing, Video editing, Graphic design, Web design, programming, Music and Audio ,online teacher,Articles and blog posts writing, translating among other skills can earn a lot online by registering themselves on websites that provide such jobs online such as Fiverr,Up work, Freelancer, truelancer among others.

2) Blogging

Blogging is considered as one of the most lucrative means of earning money online around the world. The best thing with blogging is you can make money while sleeping. You can choose to start a blog on Blogger,,Medium or Tumblr platforms. But WordPress is the best platform to start for better results. Choose a niche for your blog and build traffic. You can monetize your blog through Direct ads from individuals or companies, use affiliate marketing or register with Advertising Networks such as Google AdSense,,infolinks,Admaven among other ad networks. AdSense is considered the best for the moment.

3) V-logging/ YouTube Videos 

This is also a sure way to make money online in Kenya. Take at the looks of Henry Desagu ,Victor Naaman ,Miss Trude ,Jalang'o among many are making money through videos on YouTube. What you have to do is create good content to attract many viewers. The more the views the more the earnings. You have to be approved by Google AdSense for Videos before you start to earn.

4) Online Shops 

Starting an online shop is one of the best ways one can start earning online.

With the wide spread use of mobile phones that can access internet and the innovations of mobile phone payment platforms such as MPESA its easy to start an online shop in Kenya. Online shops in Kenya such as Jumia,Kilimall, shop it,Check ,avenchi among others are doing good.

5) Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing involves helping individuals or businesses find customers for their products on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media influencers convince the the audience to buy the products and that way they get paid for that. Social media influencers and Celebrities make a lot of money on this.


Its possible to quickly build an online income stream if you are passionate enough to step out of your comfort zone and venture into one of ideas above but remember hard work pays.



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