Its mandatory for all vehicles in Kenya to have the minimum car insurance cover before being allowed on the Kenyan roads. However for this case many car insurance buyers don't understand the 4 types of car insurance in Kenya which usual results to misunderstanding during claiming in an event the insured vehicle is involved in an accident. Many insurance buyers blames insurance companies for being unfair in the market because they buy insurance without any knowledge of the policies.

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Buying a Car insurance is a critical issue that requires some knowledge about insurance. One has  to understanding each and every article included in the policy and be satisfied for the needs he /she intends  before buying it and if possible use insurance lawyer to help you understand the policy fully.

However for this post am going to shade some light on the 4 types of Car Insurance available in Kenya. I thought you should know this! 

There are four types of Car Insurance in Kenya as follows: 

1) Third Party "ONLY"

This is the minimum possible Motor vehicle insurance cover in Kenya.

This cover only caters for liability for death and body injuries to third party in an event of an accident. Its important to understand that this cover does not cover property damage to the third party. In case of an accident , the insured will be personally liable for the damage caused on third party property .

This is one of the car insurance covers in Kenya most insurance buyers misunderstand. 

2) Third Party Cover 

This is the second possible car insurance cover car owners can have. This cover now covers death and body injuries as well as damage to third party property.

In case of an accident, the vehicle owner will be covered against any liabilities that might arise as a result of damage on other people property.

3) Third Party Fire and Theft

This car insurance policy covers third party death and body injuries, damage to third party property and loss or damage of the third party vehicle by fire or theft.

4) Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover 

This is the most complex car insurance policy in Kenya that covers all expenses or perils not excluded. One has to understand what is covered and what is not covered before buying this insurance cover.

This cover requires better understanding of insurance if possible use insurance lawyers to help you.


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