Kenyatta University a leading university in Kenya has got several intakes per year right from January to December depending on the course of your choice as well as mode of study. 

The fees Structure for the various courses offered by Kenyatta university on self sponsorship are as follows: 

The Tuition Fees range depending on the programme of choice. 

Undergraduate Degrees

Art Based Courses

East Africans Kshs. 100,000/= To 120,000/=

Non-East Africans Kshs. 140,000/= To 175, 000/=

Statutory fees Kshs. 26,000/=

Science Based Courses

 East Africans Kshs. 110,000/= To 210,000/=

Non-East Africans Kshs. 150,000/= To 257,500/=

Statutory fees Kshs. 26,000/=


East Africans Kshs. 133,285/= To 235,125/=

Non-East Africans Kshs. 166,606/= To 293, 306/=

Statutory fees Kshs. 26,000/=


East Africans Kshs. 150,000/=

Non-East Africans Kshs. 187,500/=

Statutory fees Kshs. 26,000/=

Creative Arts, and Media Studies

East Africans




Non East Africans 

Degrees  Kshs. 155,000/= 

Statutory Degree Kshs. 26,000/=

Statutory fees Diploma /cert Kshs. 21,300/=


East Africans Kshs. 400,000/= 

Non-East Africans Kshs. 515,000/=

Statutory fees Kshs. 55,200/=

Medicine & Surgery

East Africans Kshs. 450,400/= 

Non-East Africans Kshs. 712,220/=

Statutory fees Kshs. 55,200/=

Nursing and public health 

East Africans Kshs. 240,000/= 

Non-East Africans Kshs. 295,000/=

Statutory fees Kshs. 55,200/=


East Africans Kshs. 72,000 /=

Non-East Africans Kshs. 125,000/=

Statutory fees Kshs. 26,000/=

Certificate Kshs. 40,000/= Kshs Statutory fees 21,300/=

Bridging Kshs. 25,000/= Kshs Statutory fees. 10,750/=

Short Courses Kshs. 30,250/= N/A

N/B The fees above are constantly under review and can change anytime ,so for best advise contact the university.


Application forms can be obtained from Kenyatta University, Admissions Block, Office No. 12 or at the Regional Centers based in Nairobi, Embu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Garissa or be downloaded from website 

Applicants shall pay non-refundable processing fee of Kshs.2,000/= for East Africans and Kshs.4,000/= for non-East Africans through Bank deposit into any of the following bank accounts:

Family Bank - Account No. 045-000-023-316

Co-operative Bank - Account No. 011-2906-246-1400 

National Bank of Kenya - Account No. 010-035-915-0801

Equity Bank Limited - Account No. 018-0290-518-859

How To Apply For Admission Online

GUIDELINE FOR ONLINE APPLICATIONS for admissions into all programmes can now be done with a click at:

All you need is the following:

 Proof of payment. 

 Ensure you have met the eligibility criteria for the selected program. 

 Academic Transcripts and Certificates.

 Passport photo. 

 Identification documents, either a birth certificate, Identification card number or a passport number.

Duly completed forms should be returned to the Registrar (Academic), Kenyatta University P.O. Box 

43844 – 00100 NAIROBI, Kenya or admissions office RM 012 on or before 15th January, 2021. Copies of relevant professional and academic certificates and transcripts, Two (2) 1’x1’ passport size photos and original application fee receipt MUST be attached to the application form.

NB: Copies of O-Level Certificates must be attached: Those with Grade C (Plain) at K.C.S.E must have a Diploma and those with C- (Minus) must have a Certificate and progression to a Diploma in relevant areas of study.

Diploma holders from recognized institutions may apply for Credit waiver in consultation with their respective schools upon Admission. Credit waiver application forms are obtainable on request when collecting application form or can be downloaded from Kenyatta University website at

For further information please contact:



P. O. BOX 43844 – 00100 – NAIROBI

TELEPHONE: 020-8710901/0208703061 EXTENSION 3219/3215/4587 

MOBILE: 0704695072



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