Comprehensive Car Insurance cover is the optional but most important cover that covers your car liabilities as well as property damage caused by the insured vehicle including fire ,theft and vandalism.

The question of how much does Comprehensive car insurance cover costs is a wide question as different companies offer different prices for the cover.

Generally, Comprehensive Car Insurance covers in Kenya starts from as low as 3.2% of the value of the car per annum but mostly depending on several factors before a premium rate is considered.
Some Comprehensive covers such as Equity Bank Bodaboda Comprehensive insurance can go for as little as ksh 4500 six months and ksh 9000 annually.
Explico Motorcycle Comprehensive insurance goes for not less than ksh 7000 . Spurfin insurance company offer Comprehensive insurance for approximately ksh 10,000 per annum.

With this trend its clear that its difficult to get the specific price for the cover as this cover has different offers available to different companies and the prices are not permanent.

Factors That Determine Your Comprehensive Insurance cover costs 

The insurance companies consider several factors before that decide how much they can charge you for this cover but the basic ones include:

1)Age of the car
2) Value of the car 
3) Type of the car
4) Age of the driver 
5) Drivers gender 
6) Claim History

Requirements When Buying Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover in Kenya

Different companies might require different documents for one to buy Comprehensive insurance but these are the most required documents.

a) National ID copy of the vehicle owner
b) Valid Driving license
c) Copy of KRA PIN
d) Copy of Logbook/ Vehicle Registration
e) Car Insurance Proposal form 
f) Car valuation report

How To Buy Car Comprehensive Insurance in Kenya

To buy a comprehensive car Insurance in Kenya not  is an easy task as one has to compare prices of different companies as well as the services they provide. Cheap is not a factor to consider when buying insurance but you must get what you want. Compare at least three companies before you settle for one. 

There are two ways you can buy Car insurance in Kenya i.e Offline and Online purchase. Offline Insurance purchases can be done through Insurance agents and brokers or via Insurance companies branches.

Online Insurance purchases can be done via Insurance companies websites or online agents like Pesabazzar. One has to try different insurance quotes before settling for one.


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