Directline Assurance company is the leading PSV Insurance company in Kenya giving Third Party Only (TPO)and Comprehensive Insurance covers to PSV Matatus, PSV Buses, Commercial, Private and Tax vehicles.

Direct line Third Party Only Requirements, Quotes and payment prices 

This is a an insurance policy that covers third party body injury and property damage caused by an insured driver. 

Direct line Third Party Only requirements

1)Copy of Logbook

2) Copy of driver's PIN certificate

3) Copy of National ID card of the insured

How To make payments at Direct line Assurance company

Payments for premiums can be made through: 

1) Cash 

2) Bank's Check 

3) Bank funds transfer/deposit

4) MPESA Paybill : 509800

Direct line PSV Comprehensive  Policy Requirements, Costs and payments

PSV Comprehensive policy from Direct line Insurance covers third party liability as well as property damage arising from fire or theft caused by an insured vehicle.


1)Copy of logbook

2) Copy of Drivers PIN number certificate

3) Copy of National ID of the insured

4)Valuation facilitation letter

5) Vehicle age factor 

How To Purchase PSV Third Party Only and Comprehensive Covers  at Directline Insurance

To purchase motor vehicle PSV Third party Only or Comprehensive cover with Directline insurance, one can visit them at the nearest branch countrywide with the required documents or call their head office for more guidance.

How To File Claims With Directline Assurance company

In an event where the expected unfortunate happens, one can now start the claim process.

Requirements for Claiming

1) National ID card 

2) Policy Abstracts

3) Duly filled claim forms

4) Inspection report for property damage 

5) Medical reports if any

6) Treatment notes if available

7) P3 forms in case of injuries

Collect any other evidence required and start the claim process.

Directline Phone number and Branches location

To contact Directline Kenya Assuarance company , one can use the following: Tel : +254020 325 0000

Cell+254 711 030 000/ 730 130 000



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