Although its compulsory to have insurance proof before one is allowed to drive on the Kenyan roads, having an insurance has a lot of benefits apart from compensations that will be made to the insurer in case of a loss to the insured vehicle.

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Many drivers think insurance is just a waste of their money, its for that reason that I have decided to post here to give them a light on this.

1) Car insurance cover gives the driver peace of mind especially comprehensive cover as he /she is sure that the car is going to be compensated in case of any loss.

2) Through the Car insurance cover the owner can get loans as some loan companies make Car Insurance a requirement for logbook loans.

3) The insured driver is entitled to a No Claim Bonus (NCB) that every Insurance companies give to the insured in case of no claims for the whole year.

4) The driver may enjoy free defensive driving courses and Road safety seminars

5) Car Insurance can improve the drivers credit score if they pay their premiums in full and on time.

6) Car Insurance gives the driver access to a large network of Certified Garages for their car maintenance.

7) Through Car Insurance one can access free Motor valuation and inspection

8) With Car Insurance, stranded drivers due to car breakdown can get free vehicle towing by the insurance company.

9) With Car insurance one can get free benefits like reflector jackets provided by the insurance company.

10) If you insure your car you can be provided with another vehicle for your use for the time your car is at the garage as a result of an accident

N/B I hope I have shade some light on this matter , however not all insurance companies offer the benefits above so Car insurance buyers must first find out what is covered by the insurance policy before buying it.


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