KCB bank is a leading bank in Kenya known for best services when it comes to loans application ,payments, interest rates  among other services.

The bank offers BodaBoda /Tuk Tuk loans to its customers up to 70% of the BodaBoda or Tuk Tuk prices plus insurance.

The bank gives up to a maximum of 5 million as BodaBoda or Tuk Tuk loan. 

What is required to apply for the BodaBoda /Tuk Tuk loan 

For one to qualify for the BodaBoda or Tuk Tuk loan one must have the following requirements: 

  • Active Business account active for the last three months 
  • Valid driving licence of the driver /rider
  • Proforma invoice from the BodaBoda/Tuk Tuk dealer
  • Demonstrate an a ability to repay the loan 
  • Guarantee by KCB account holder where a logbook is held on simple deposit
  • 6 months KCB bank history or 3 months group savings.
KCB bank BodaBoda/TukTuk loans interest rates and fees 
KCB bank charges BodaBoda loans at 13% and a negotiation fees of 3% 

There is a benefit of a comprehensive insurance cover of ksh 9600 p.a for BodaBoda and ksh 15000 for TukTuk .

How To contact KCB bank For BodaBoda loans application, or for more information use: +254 711 087 001/ +254 020 228 7000


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