Farming is one of the most reliable economic activity in Kenya with a very big population of Kenyan citizen directly depending on it for daily survival.
However, a lot of challenges are facing the farmers resulting in poor yields. This is where farmers now start to look for financial boost to increase their productivity.

In Kenya there are several organizations and financial institutions that offer loans to Small Scale , Medium scale as well as large scale farmers.
The top farming and Agriculture loan givers in Kenya include:

  • Juhudi Kilimo 
  • Agricultural Finance Corporation
  • Cap AGRI Africa Ltd 
  • One Acre Funds 
  • DigiFarm 
  • BIMAS 
  • ECLOF Kenya 
  • Financial banks 

Juhudi Kilimo Loans 

Juhudi Kilimo is a leading microfinance in Kenya with a major aim of supporting farmers in kenya. 

Juhudi kilimo loan requirements

Farmers are likely to have all the simple things required by this lender including Title deeds, Identity requirements etc.

Through Juhudi Kilimo farmers can access the following products: 
Crop farming loans 
Animal farming loans 
Farm equipment loans 
Working capital loans 
Clean energy loans 
Micro housing loans among other products

To contact Juhudi Kilimo for loan enquiry or for more information contact them through: 
Cell +254 709 692 000 

Agricultural Finance (AFC) Loans 

AFC is the Kenyan Government credit institution mandated to provide loans to farmers for the sole purpose of developing agriculture.
Through AFC farmers can enjoy the following products: 
Seasonal crop credit
Horticulture and Floriculture development loans 
Water/ Irrigation development loans 
Cash crop loans 
Livestock and Fisheries development loans 
Agribusiness loans 
Machinery/Equipment loans among other products.

For more information on AFC loans one can contact them through: 
Tel: +254 020 3317199/3272000
Cell +254 704 153 773 

Cap AGRI Africa Ltd Loans 

This is an online platform providing finance for small scale farmers as well as farm inputs and farm management skills in Africa.
Cap AGRI has its headquarters in Nairobi Kenya.
CapAGRI provide the following products: 
Farm input loans 
Advance on produce 
Capture pesa smartphone loans 
Crop loans and insurance

To contact CapAGRI Ltd for its products or for clarification one can use : 
Cell+254 702 637 850 

One Acre Fund Loans

This is a non-profit social enterprise that surport farmers in Africa. 
One Acre Fund support small scale farmers on financial services for better and improved farming.
For more information and clarification please contact One Acre Fund through: Cell +254 736 551 072 / 706 289 923
Email: an@oneacrefund

DigiFarm Loans 

DigiFarm is a digital platform developed by Safaricom in Partnership with Iprocure,Farmdrive and Arifu to empower farmers in Kenya. DigiFarm enables farmers to access services such as loans , training and informative farming practices for better farming.
To register for DigiFarm dial *283# and follow the instructions.

For more information on DigiFarm products and services, one can contact Safaricom via Safaricom service number ;100 call for free. 

Banks Giving Agricultural loans to Farmers in Kenya 

Several banks in Kenya offer loans specifically designed for farmers to boost the farmers in purchase of farm input such as seeds, fertilizer and chemicals, buy livestock among other farm expenses. These banks include: 
Equity Bank
Faulu Microfinance Bank 
KWFT Bank 
Family Bank 
Bank of Africa


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