Do you want to beat the hustle for this year? As we start the year ,new expenditure might arise, but there's a way out - Quick and reliable mobile loan apps  to sort you out for the year 2022

In this post am going to list the 7 Top most loan apps ,reliable , easy to use and fastest to give loans in the year 2022. Each of the loan apps am going to list here have over 1 million downloads.
The listing however is not in any order just listing.

  1. Credit Hela App
  2. Cashway App 
  3. Tala App 
  4. Zenka App 
  5. CashNow App
  6. Timiza App
  7. Okash App
  8. Utunzi App
  9. Ubapesa App
  10. Opesa App 

Credit Hela app

This loan app is a new leading loan app in Kenya in terms of downloads with over 500,000 downloads.
It provide quick reliable loans to both employed and self-employed individuals. Branch app give loans up to ksh 80000.

Tala Loan App 

Tala loan app comes after Branch in terms of downloads but its the first loan app to be launched in Kenya in the mobile lending history in Kenya. Tala app gives loans up to a maximum of ksh 30,000.
To download Tala app follow this link 

Zenka loan App 

Zenka loan app is taking the Kenyan mobile lending industry by storm with its new and amazing offers it gives to its customers - gives interest free loans to first borrowers.
To download Zenka loan app follow this link.

Timiza Loan app 

Timiza Loan app by Barclay's bank of Kenya ,is the most famous bank loan app in Kenya with most downloads.
To download Timiza app follow this link 

Okash loan app 

This app is one of the best and quick loan apps in Kenya with over 1 million downloads.
Okash loan app gives loans to Kenyans up to ksh 50,000.
To download Okash loan app follow this link

Utunzi loan app 

Utunzi app is one of the most reliable loan apps in Kenya giving Kenyans up to ksh 100,000.

Opesa loan app 

Opesa loan app gives quick loans to Kenyans via Mpesa up to a maximum of ksh 30,000
To download the app follow this link

Good luck in your search for quick financial solutions.


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