The use of cashless payment in Kenya is becoming very popular.
People no longer carry a lot of cash when moving around thus reducing loss of cash through theft. Less cash handling also reduces the chances of preading Covid 19 . Mobile phone electronic money transfer is secure , convenient and available across all regions of the country even in remote areas.
Business transactions are now mainly done through mobile money  electronic transfer for payments in supermarkets, restaurants, shops etc.

In this post am going to discuss the top 4 most popular mobile money transfer in Kenya for the year 2021

The top electronic mobile phone money transfer available for local money transfer in kenya are as follows:
  1. M-pesa 
  2. Airtel Money 
  3. Equitel 
  4. Telkom Kenya T-cash 

M-Pesa Money Transfer

Mpesa is the leading money transfer service owned by Safaricom in Kenya. 
Mpesa is fast ,secure and most convenient way to receive and send money from one mobile phone to another across the country.
With MPesa one can send money up to a maximum of ksh 300,000 per day with a limit of ksh 70,000 per transaction.

Airtel Money  Money Transfer

Airtel money is owned by Airtel Kenya.
Airtel money allows the transfer of money from one mobile phone to another.
With Airtel money one can send and receive money anywhere in Kenya. 
Airtel money maximum limit per day is ksh 140,000 and ksh 70,000 per transaction 

Equitel Money Transfer

Equitel is anew mobile phone money transfer provided by Finserve Africa - acompay owned by Equity Bank Group.
With Equitel one can transfer mobile money from one point to another. With Equitel you can also make payments for other bills.

Telkom Kenya T-Cash Money Transfer

T-Cash is a mobile phone money transfer service provided by Telkom Kenya Ltd.
With T-Cash one can send and receive money , pay bills etc 
Daily maximum limit is ksh 140,000 and limit per transaction is ksh 70,000 .

The above mobile phone money transfer services are the best for the moment. 
Mobile phone money transfer in Kenya has made Business transactions in Kenya more secure and fast making Kenya a Business friendly environment. During this covid19 Pendamic the use of electronic money has helped in fighting the disease.


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