NHIF Supa Cover is the Kenyan Government largest reliable and affordable medical cover that covers the whole family on medical expenses.
Changes happen every day, recently NHIF have introduced its app where a beneficiary can access customer care through the app.

However, some still get stuck on some queries such as changing their outpatient or inpatient facilities where they can access NHIF services, how to add their dependants and how to update their contacts phone numbers.
For that reason , in this post am going to reveal on how one can change their contact, add dependants as well as updating their outpatient and inpatient facilities of their choices on their NHIF cover.

How To Change /Choose Your NHIF Facility/Hospital

NHIF allows its members to change their preferred hospitals twice a year or if there is a national call for change of preferred facilities.
The procedure is as follows:
Dial on your phone *155# and follow the prompts or download "My NHIF app " and access customer service or visit any nearest NHIF service point.

How To Change/ update Your phone number for NHIF

To update or change your contacts at NHIF you can visit the nearest service point or call free toll number 0800720601 or send an email with ID number and phone number to customercare@nhif.or.ke or inbox your message on their official Facebook page or Twitter handle.

How To Add Dependants Child/Wife on Your NHIF Cover

NHIF allows up to one spouse and a maximum of five children to be added as dependants per cover.
To add a spouse you need your ID and your spouse ID together with a marriage certificate or affidavit from a court magistrate.
To add a child you need a valid birth certificate or birth notification for your child.
Download "My NHIF" app from play store or App store or alternatively you can dial *155# and follow all the prompts if still have challenges call 0800720601 for assistance.



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