After the introduction of Digital Banking services in Kenya , most Kenyan Sacco members  can now access their Sacco digital services through their mobile phones.

Services such as Deposit, withdrawal, statements and loans can be accessed through their mobile phones using unique USSD codes and PINS provided by the saccos.

Each sacco has got a unique USSD code and Paybill numbers for the services.

The USSD codes and Paybil Numbers for the Top Saccos in Kenya are as follows:
  • Police sacco - USSD code: *653# Paybill no : 4027903
  • Stima Sacco -USSD code :*489# Paybill no: 523500
  • Safaricom Sacco USSD code: *345# Paybil no:505100
  • Mwalimu National Sacco USSD code:*286# Paybill :572645
  • Imarika Sacco USSD code: *645# Paybill no: 802200
  • Magereza Sacco USSD code:*346# Paybill no: 173877
  • Faulu Kenya USSD code: *339# Paybill no: 328585 
  • Kwft USSD code : *859# Paybill no: 101200
  • Afya Sacco USSD code: *667# Paybill no: 570200
  • Bandari Sacco USSD code: *346# Paybill no: 146320 
  • Unitas USSD code : *493# Paybill no: 544700
  • Harambee Sacco USSD code: *346# Paybill no: 525200
  • Ufanisi Sacco USSD code: *346# Paybill no: 979150 
  • Hazina Sacco USSD code : *850# Paybill no: 850436
  • K-Unity Sacco USSD code: *425# Paybil no: 832250 
  • Maisha Bora Sacco USSD code: *346# Paybill no :600110
  • Mhasibu Sacco USSD code: *346# Paybil no: 540700
  • Kimsitu Sacco USSD code: *346# Paybill no: 911200
However members have to register for the mobile banking services with their saccos and receive a pin for them to be able to access the mobile services.
Contact the specific sacco for specific questions and clarifications.
Again some saccos can change their USSD codes or PAYBILL numbers anytime so contact your sacco manager before you transact.


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