Mobile Banking in Kenya is one of the recent introduced services in the Banking sector. Making  the banking services fast and convenient. Most Kenyans now can access bank services anywhere they are, through their mobile phones.

Services such as accounts balances inquiry, deposit, withdrawal, bank statements and loans can be accessed through their mobile phones by just dialing the USSD codes and follows the rest of the instructions.

The list of USSD codes for the top financial banks in Kenya is as follows:
  • Kenya Commercial Bank ( KCB) Code: *522#
  • Equity Bank of Kenya Code : *247#
  • National Bank of Kenya Code: *625#
  • Co-operative Bank of Kenya code: *667#
  • Family Bank of Kenya code:*325#
  • Absa , Barclay's Bank of Kenya code: *224#
  • I & M bank code: *399# 
  • First Community Bank *342# 
  • Gulf African Bank code:*399#
  • Post Bank of Kenya code: *498#
  • Standard Chartered Bank code:*722#
  • NIC Bank code : *488#
  • Bank of Africa code: *987#
  • Consolidated Bank of Kenya code:*262#
  • Jamii Bora Bank code: *344#
N/B However, users have to register with the individual banks and receive PINS for them to be able to access the USSD  mobile banking services. 


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