Are you a Kenyan student with a dream of taking your studies in the overseas countries for undergraduate or postgraduate studies? If yes then this post is for you.

Opportunities to study abroad are available only that students are not aware.
However, most of these programs require excellent academic grades for one to be enrolled into the programs, most cases KCSE Mean Grade of  A plain or A-minus. Some of the programs however don't directly give scholarships but they facilitate admission and scholarship consideration from the universities that admit the students.

The programs have seen many Kenyan students admitted in top universities in the world in overseas countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and Europe countries.

The programs are as follows:

1. Kenya Scholars Acess Program ( KenSAP)

KenSAP helps gifted ,needy Kenyan students gain admission to the most top universities in USA.
Every year , KenSAP selects about a dozen students into the program.
For more information visit KenSAP website:

2. EducationUSA Scholars program (ESP) 

This program is affiliated with the US embassy Nairobi Kenya.
EducationUSA Scholars program helps in assisting the scholars negotiating the admission process into the US colleges and universities as well as financial aid.
For more information visit:

3. East Africa Scholars Fund ( EASF) 

East Africa Scholars Fund helps high academic achieving students from low-income communities in Kenya , Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi , achieve their dreams of studying at the world's best universities.
For more information visit:

4. Kenya Ministry of Education ( Foreign Scholarships)

The Kenya ministry of education website regularly publish scholarships chances to study abroad for Kenyan students either undergraduate or post graduate studies.

For more information visit:

5. Youth Exchange and Study Program ( YES Program)

Founded by Kenndy-Lugar , YES program is funded by the US Department of state , provides Scholarships for secondary school students from countries with significant Musilim population (Kenya included) to spend one academic year in the United States.
For more information

6. TEPAD Abroad program

The TEPAD program support undergraduate and postgraduate students from Terik community of Kenya who do not qualify for scholarships but can sponsor themselves to study abroad.
Currently the program promotes abroad studies in Canada and Japan.
For more information visit:

7. Education and Social Empowerment Program ( EaSEP) 

This is a nonprofit education and social empowerment program that helps bright needy Kenyan students gain admission and scholarship aid from top US colleges and universities.

For more information visit:

8. Campus France  ( Study abroad program) 

Campus France helps international students gain admission as well as scholarships from the top universities in France. If you are to go study in France, this is the program to embrace.

For more information

9. Indian High Commission Nairobi Kenya,  Study abroad program

For years now , India High Commission in Nairobi Kenya have been facilitating admission as well as scholarships arrangements for Kenyan students interested to study in India for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.
The chances are usual made public through the Indian High Commission for Kenya website or through the Kenyan ministry of education website.

10. Equity Leaders Program ( ELP)

This is a program by Equity Bank of Kenya.
This program have seen many students join top universities in the world such as Duke, Yale, University of British Columbia, Harvard university among others. Excellent academic grades are required before one gets enrolled into the program.

N/B Students are advised to regularly visit the websites for the programs for chances that might be available.

Good luck.


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