Forgot Password Reset Loan apps in Kenya

Are you stuck because you cannot access your loan app due to wrong password or may be you forgot your loan app PIN ? Don't worry I have got a solution for you especially for the ones using Tala, Branch Timiza, Okolea ,PesaPap,Vooma app etc.
Its normal for one to forget their loan app passwords and when this happens one can not access the app anymore, so one have to change or reset their Passwords or PINs for then to be able to access loans again. This is how to do it:

How To Change/Reset Password/PIN For Timiza App

  • Open Timiza app
  • Click on "Login"
  • Click on " Forgot Password " 
  • Enter your phone number you used to register with the app
  • Answer the few security questions
  • You will receive an SMS with a onetime PIN for your login into the app
  • Login into the Timiza app
  • Change your PIN to another one you will easily remember.
  • In case challenges persist you can contact Barclay's bank customer service through+254 709 213 000

How To Change Password/ PIN For Tala app

  • Open Tala app
  • select on "Forgot PIN"
  • Enter your ID to get 
  • A one time PIN will be sent by SMS ( Temporary PIN)
  • Use the Temporary PIN to login into your Tala app and immediately set a new PIN of your choice that you can easily remember. 

How To Change Password for Branch App 

  • Open Branch app 
  • Go to Branch dashboard home screen and select " Forgot password " 
  • Enter your email address associated with the app and select " Continue " button.
  • Wait for about 1 minute and check your email to check the email sent with instructions to reset your password.
  • If challenges persist you can contact Branch through email:

How To Reset Password/PIN For Zash Loan App 

  • Open Zash app 
  • Click on "Login"
  • Click on " Forgot Password " 
  • Enter your phone number you used to register with the app 
  • A verification code will be sent by SMS 
  • Enter the verification code and Enter a new PIN for your logins and click on "Submit"
  • You will now be able to login using the new PIN set.

How To Change Password For Okolea Loan App 

  • Open the app 
  • Click on "Forgot Password" 
  • Enter your email address you used to register with the app 
  • Wait for sometime and check on your emails for a link 
  • Once the link arrives in the email, click on the link and the link will take you to a web version of the app for you to set a new PIN and click on " Save" 
  • Now you can login into your Okolea app with the new Password set. 

How To Reset Family Bank PesaPap PIN 

In case you have blocked your PesaPap app pin or you are unable to login , you can visit any nearest Family bank branch to have your PesaPap pin Changed for you to be able to login again.

How To Reset / Change  KCB VOOMA PIN 

  • Open your VOOMA app
  • On the menu select Forgot PIN
  • Follow the rest of the simple instructions to reset your VOOMA app pin.
  • Alternatively ,you can visit any KCB bank to have your VOOMA app pin reset.

How To Reset NCBA loop PIN 

  • Open the app 
  • Click on Forgot PIN 
  • Answer the security questions and follow the rest of the simple instructions to set a new password. 
  • Alternatively, you can visit any NCBA branch to have your NCBA loop app pin reset.

How To Reset Zenka App Forgotten Pin 

In case you forgot your PIN number and are not logged in, kindly follow these steps:
1. Start the application,
2. Click on “Sign in”,
3. Click on “Forgot PIN?” located on the top right side of the application,
4. Provide an answer to the security question and click “Continue”,
5. Select your new PIN, confirm and click on “Save new PIN”.



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