Are you interested to become a Copia Kenya agent ? Do you have any other business like a shop, saloon ,hardware ,MPESA shop etc ? Its easy to register as a Copia Kenya agent ,all you have to do is to send your name and your area in Mashinani in an SMS to 22272-or call +254 709 339 000 or email them at

Alternatively, you can register as an agent using  your phone by dialling Copia Kenya USSD code *874#
Select on "Become an agent"
Follow the rest of the prompts to register as a Copia agent.

How Much is the Copia Kenya agents paid? 

This only depends on the deliveries made , the more you deliver the more you get paid. Your convincing power for people to order from Copia will pay you. Some agents earn up to ksh 20,000 per months.

Benefits of using Copia Kenya 

The good thing with Copia Kenya is that all deliveries are done at Mashinani to the nearest agent from your ushagoo.
The goods are delivered for free. You will not pay to collect your goods.

How To Contact Copia Kenya 

To contact Copia Kenya Call :+254 709 339 000
Email address


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