A few years ago it was almost impossible to get an initial capital for business from the bank.
It might sound a little bit crazy that there are some banks in Kenya that can offer Intial capital loans for businesses without any collateral. Its true we have some banks in Kenya that can help individuals with small business ideas.

Are you a Kenyan citizen who want to start a small business but you luck capital? Don't worry anymore, we have some ways to kick start your idea. In this post am going to reveal to you the banks that can provide loans without any collateral to start your business.

Top 5 Banks That Can Offer Initial Capital For Businesses In Kenya Without Any Collateral deposit.

  1. Commercial Bank of Africa(CBA)

This is one of the banks that offer loans to Kenyans in partnership with Safaricom. In partnership with CBA safaricom offer the Mshwari Loans to Kenyans
Mshwari is a suite of banking products that are offered through MPESA.
Smart individuals can use mshwari loans to kick start their own businesses.

  2. KCB Bank

KCB bank offer mobile loans through the KCB MPESA loans.
Individuals can apply for loans from KCB MPESA without any collateral and fund their small business ideas.

  3. Family Bank 

Family Bank provides loans without collateral through the Family Bank Pesapap app.
Smart thinkers can opt for these loans and start their own small businesses.

  4. Absa Bank Kenya 

With The Timiza App Absa bank Kenya provide loans without any collateral to individuals in Kenya.
Absa Kenya Timiza App users can use the app to borrow loans to kick start their business ideas.

  5. HF Bank Kenya

HF Group provide loans without collateral through the HFWhizz App. Through this app individuals with small business ideas can take loans with the app and start their small businesses.

We are living in a tough economic times , we should take advantage of every opportunity that comes by.


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