Are you in need of a loan and want to use your motor vehicle logbook as a collateral for the loan but wondering where to go? Don't worry any more, in this post am going to give you the best places in Nairobi where they give loans on logbooks in the shortest time possible.
However, the list is not in any order its just numbering.

  1. Mwananchi Credit
  2. Mombo Investment
  3. Platinum Credit
  4. Ngao Credit
  5. Momentum Credit
  6. Mogo Kenya Ltd 
  7. Samchi Credit
  8. Meridian Acceptance Ltd 
  9. Milhan Capital
  10. Jitegemee Credit
  11. Tadissa Capital
  12. Vimcape Capital
  13. Izwe Kenya
  14. Real People
  15. Fayma Capital
  16. African Credit Ltd
  17. Bashy African Credit
  18. Citizen Credit 
  19. Maendeleo 
  20. Uni-Limited
  21. Progressive Credit
  22. Speed Capital
  23. E- Credit Microfinance
  24. Fincredit 
  25. Metro Credit 
Good luck in your search for a logbook loan!!


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