Forget about the Hand sanitizers, Facemasks, Disinfectants, Gloves and Ventilators businesses - there will be shortage for these products and you will not be able to supply to your consumers. As for me such products should be left to the Government to supply.

With the though measures taken by the ministry of Health, most businesses are affected and very few can survive this Pendamic.

The Top Businesses To start In Kenya During this COVID-19 Pendamic period include:

  • Food supply - Home delivery
  • Online Tutoring
  • Online entertainment
  • Leisure products

Food Supply

With the lockdown and curfew door to door food supply has become one of the most essential business people now depend to survive. Make a home bakery and supply food to the whole of your neighborhood. Believe me you will make high profits.
Let people order online or through wassapp and deliver the food at their doorsteps.

Online Tutoring

With all schools, colleges and universities closed , its likely many students will require online tutors to continue with their studies at home. 
Create online tutoring platforms is also one of the most profitable ideas to start amid this criss.

Online Entertainment

With the lockdown , many people now rely on indoor entertainment including online games , YouTube, Facebook, Instagram , Multichoice subscriptions on TVs such as Dstv, GOtv, Startimes etc have got high profits amid this Pendamic.
Be creative on the online entertainment platforms and earn yourself lucrative income.

Leisure Products

Unbelievable, alcohol ,cigarettes and other leisure products are in high demand. People now drink in their homes more than expected to relieve themselves from the stress caused by COVID-19 Pendamic. Businesses dealing with such products are reaping good , even supermarkets have started restocking their shelves with these products.

However, its advisable to be very careful while investing in Pendamic periods as investing in such seasons is not an easy decision due to the risks involved. 
Invest wisely and stay strong and safe during this time.
Do not risk contacting the disease in the name of investment.

Good luck!!!..


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