Loans on shares are loans obtained from financial institutions whereby individual or an institution with shares at NSE can use them as collateral for the loan. Loans on shares are usually regulated by the Government.

This loan facility can help one leverage their shares investment for better investment or for proper management of their cash.

The top providers of loans on shares in Kenya include: 

  • NCBA bank
  • Ngao Credit Ltd 
  • HF Group Housing Finance
  • Sterling Capital Ltd 

For specific questions and clarification contact the lenders.

NCBA Loan on Shares Features

A customer can get loan up to 50% of the value of their shares 
Repayment period up to 36 months
Shares taken as security to be held at NCBA Securities Ltd.

Ngao Credit Loan on Shares Features

Allows customers to abtain loans up to 50% of the value of shares listed at NSE
The loans have flexible repayment period of 24 months 
Customers can still receive 100% dividends even if they have a loan 


  1. CDSC statement
  2. Original ID card 
  3. Original KRA PIN certificate
  4. Latest 6 months bank statements
  5. Post dated cheques

Sterling Capital Limited Loans on Shares features

No maximum limit set for this loan provided you have enough shares
The loan attracts no processing or arranging charges
Interest rate is charged daily rates basis
Repayment of principle and interest are made once the shares are sold
A customer can make a special request to use shares from another Capital markets such as Uganda,Tanzania, Nigeria or Ghana.


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