Good news to Title Deed Holders as am going to list for you lenders to approach.
Did you know that there are some lenders in Kenya who give loans and place your Land Title Deed as the collateral? Now you know.
Make that idle land fruitful. You can take a loan with that land Title Deed and improve your life if you invest wisely.

The Title Deed can be used as a collateral for several types of loans such as Business loans,Emergency loans ,School fees loans etc.
Not all lenders accept Title Deeds as collateral for loans but a few do. In this post am going to reveal to you the best lenders in Kenya that accept Title Deeds as collateral for loans.

The list of Title Deeds Loan Givers in Kenya and their contacts.

Mwananchi Credit Ltd - +254 709 147 000
Jijenge Credit Ltd - +254 711 282 727
Springboard Capital Ltd - +254 020 5133700
Fairdeal For Cash - +254 722 169 168
Sumac Microfinance +254 725 223 499/020 2249047
Metro Credit Ltd +254 745 555 005
Finezza Capital Ltd +254 721 482 852 


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