Are you tired of the constant calls from debt collectors from Okolea International loan? Are you stranded because you want to pay your Okolea loan but you forgot the PAYBILL number or maybe you are blacklisted but you want to pay so that you are removed from CRB? Don't worry am going to reveal to you on how to pay your Okolea loan.

How To Pay Change Agents /Okolea loan via MPESA

  • Open your MPESA menu 
  • Select Lipa na MPESA
  • Choose PAYBILL
  • Enter Business number: 245316( Okolea International Paybill)
  • For account number enter your phone number that received the loan 
  • Enter amount of the money you want to pay
  • Enter your MPESA Pin and confirm if correct press OK
You will receive confirmation messages from both MPESA and Okolea International about the transaction.

Change Agents App /Okolea loan International Customer Care phone number

In case of any challenges you can reach Okolea international customer service through: +254 709 615 000


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