Now that every student is aware which University and course one was placed by Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services ( kuccps) for the year 2020/2021. 

However, there are those that were not satisfied with how things went and thus want to change either the university ,  course or both.
If thats you don't worry, kuccps will soon open the window for the transfers probably this June for the Government sponsored students. 

However, if a student is not satisfied with the university placed are free to transfer to other institution of their choice so there is no need to panic. Before a student proceeds to inter-university transfer service should take note of the following:
Things To Note Before You Begin The Transfer Process
  • You can only transfer to another university when the opportunity for transfer is open, through kuccps student on-line portal.
  • You must be a government-sponsored student too in order to be considered for the transfer.
  • The applicant must ensure that they meet the requirements for the course that they want to pursue in the university they transfer.
  • One must get approval from the university or the colleges they want to join 
  • There is some fees for this service ( Amount to be known once portal is open for application)
The step by step procedure on how to apply for Transfer is as follows
  • Visit kuccps website and login into your account.
  • Select the programme you want to transfer to.
  • Fill in the reason for the Transfer Application. Remember that this field is mandatory.
  • Once the steps above have been fully satisfied you will find the inter-institution transfer link.
  • Fill all the required details on the form. Once you are done, download and print it.
  • Present the dully filled inter-university transfer form to both institutions, i.e., the institution you want to leave and the one that you want to join. The form must be signed by officials from both sides.
  • Once your transfer request has been approved, take the form to the Placement Service. Note that in the event your transfer is rejected, return the form, duly filled as rejected, to the Placement Service. This will allow you to try a transfer another institution.
  • Finally once you have secured a place to transfer to  your institution of choice, present the form to the institution which you were initially placed to for a release.
  • Return the form to the placement services
  • You will then be contacted to collect your Transfer letter from the placement services.
  • Take the transfer letter to the University you are transfering to for admission and joining instructions.
N/B Kuccps warn candidates not to fall victims of fraud from individuals who pose as kuccps officials. Don't pay Charges through individual mobile numbers , pay only through  kuccps PAYBILL number that will be made available during application.

Good luck! 


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