Immediately after the Central Bank of Kenya bared the unregulated loan apps companies from access to CRB services, Commercial Banks with loan apps started to rip big as more people now depended on their loan apps for quick loans.

The easy way of applying for the loans through the apps has made these types of loans more popular.
Customers can apply for the loans on their mobile phones and receive them instantly.

The top banks in Kenya giving easy loans include:

  • Family Bank - Pesapap app
  • Equity Bank - Equity Eazzy app
  • Absa Bank Kenya - Timiza app
  • Co-op Bank - Mcoopcash app
  • NCBA Bank - Stawi app
  • DTB Bank - Stawi app/DTBm24/7 app
  • Prime Bank - Prime kopa app
  • Sidian Bank - Sidian Vibe Q-loan
  • KCB Bank - Vooma loan app
We expect more bank apps in the near future as the demand for mobile loans in Kenya is high.


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