In this digital payment era in Kenya, several payment apps were introduced to do away with the cash payment system.
Apart from the MPESA, there are several apps which are used for making payments for business transactions and bill payments such as Dstv , Kplc, Water bills, county fees etc. Other digital payments are used in the online purchases from international online shops.

The Top Best Digital Payment apps in Kenya not in any particular order include:

  • Paypal app
  • Pesapal app
  • Tingy ( mula app)
  • Ipay 
  • Jambo pay app


This is one of the best and most used payment app in Kenya regarded as fast , safer and convenient way of online payment in Kenya.
This payment app is mostly used by freelancers in Kenya.


This is a leading payment app that can be used to pay bills, top up airtime, book flights, get events tickets, order food or make any payment for purchases made online.

Tingg( Formerly Mula)

This is a payment platform used in Kenya that helps to manage bills and payments such as kplc bills, Water bills, Dstv, Zuku ,buy airtime etc.


Ipay is an innovative and digital way to make payments that incorporates Visa, MasterCard, Kenswitch, MPESA, Airtel money and e-lipa wallet modes of payment. With Ipay one can make payments online, offline or even within your physical shop.

Jambo Pay 

Jambo Pay is a secure and convenient way of making and receiving payments via mobile phone for bills or purchases made online. Jambo pay enables payment of utilities such as County bills /taxes and airtime purchases.
You can download Jambo pay app here 



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