How do I receive my money sent to me via Western Union in Kenya? Or what are the requirements to receive my money sent by Western Union in Kenya? These are some of the questions many Kenyans with relatives living in the diaspora who sends money to them through Western Union are asking themselves.
In this post am going to highlight on the 5 steps to receiving your money sent by Western Union in Kenya.

1. Make sure you have enough information for the transaction from the sender such as Sender name and country, Currency ,Amount sent, Test question and answer, MTCN number and make sure you have your original ID/passport.

2.Visit any Western Union agent and complete a western union receiving form

3. Give the Teller the completed Western Union receiving form together with all the required documents/information

4. After confirmation, the Teller will complete the transaction and give you a receipt to sign.

5. Finally the Teller will give you your money and acopy of the receipt.

Banks With Western Union Services in Kenya 

Almost all financial banks in Kenya offer Western Union money Transfer services but the best banks for the service include:
  • Equity Bank of Kenya
  • KCB bank
  • Family Bank
  • National Bank
  • DTB bank


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