Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) is a new State Corporation and is registered under Legal Notice Number 4 of the State Corporations Act Cap. 446 of 25th January 2019 as a Level 6 Tertiary Hospital and is now operational offering specialized referral services in Accident & Emergency, Oncology, Renal, Trauma & Orthopaedics. The Hospital is advertising for the following vacancies:

1. Specialist Positions

1. Anaesthesiologists (Sub-specialists) KUTRRH/CONANAE/207
2. Cardiologists KUTRRH/CONCARD/208
3. Dentists KUTRRH/CONDENT/209
4. Dermatologists KUTRRH/CONDERM/210
5. Emergency Medicine Specialists KUTRRH/CONEM/211
6. ENT Surgeons KUTRRH/CONENTS/212
7. Family Medicine Specialists KUTRRH/CONFM/213
8. Gastroenterologists KUTRRH/CONGASTRO/214
9. General Surgeons KUTRRH/CONGS/215
10. Hematologists KUTRRH/CONHEM/216
11. Intensivists KUTRRH/CONIVS/217
12. Maxillofacial Surgeons KUTRRH/CONMAX/218
13. Medical Physicists KUTRRH/CONMP/219
14. Neonatologists KUTRRH/CONNEON/220
15. Neurologists KUTRRH/CONNEURO/221
16. Neurosurgeons KUTRRH/CONNEUROS/222
17. Obstetrician & Gynecologists KUTRRH/CONOBSGYN/223
18. Oncologists KUTRRH/CONONCO/224
19. Ophthalmologists KUTRRH/CONOPTH/225
20. Paediatrician KUTRRH/CONPAED/226
21. Pathologists KUTRRH/CONPATHLM/227
22. PET/CT Scan Specialists KUTRRH/CONPETCT/228
23. Physicians KUTRRH/CONIM/229
24. Plastic Surgeons KUTRRH/CONPS/230
25. Radio Pharmacists KUTRRH/CONRPHARM/231
26. Radiologists KUTRRH/CONRADIO/232
27. Renal Physician KUTRRH/CONNEPHR/233
28. Trauma & Orthopedics Surgeon KUTRRH/CONTORTH/234
29. Urosurgeons KUTRRH/CONUROS/23

2. Other Positions

1.Central Sterilization Supply Department Supervisor KUTRRH/DNSCSSDS/201 1post
2.Central Sterilization Supply Department Technicians
3. Counsellors KUTRRH/DCSCLLR/203 2posts
4. Palliative Nurses KUTRRH/DNSPN/204 3 posts
5. Physiotherapists KUTRRH/DCSPTP/205 10 posts
6. Radiation Therapy Technicians KUTRRH/DCSRTT/206 5 posts

Qualifications and Requirements

Specific qualifications and requirements for the jobs can be accessed on the KUTRRH careers’ portal on the website

How To Apply

Interested and qualified individuals can apply online via or send hard copies of their
Application Letters, Curriculum Vitae and Filled Application Forms addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral & Research Hospital
P.O. Box 7674 – 00100 GPO
Nairobi Kenya

Applications deadline: 31st Dec 2019.

Good luck!!


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