M-Shwari loans are the leading mobile phone quick loans that does not require app download.
M-Shwari loans are given to Safaricom customers at a fee of 7.5% payable after one month.
For this post am going to highlight on how to repay the M-Shwari loan via M-pesa account.

How To Repay The M-Shwari loan 

After successful receiving your loan and the time to make payment comes , one can pay the loan through M-pesa or M-Shwari accounts as follows:

  • On your phone access M-pesa
  • Select 'M-Shwari'
  • Select 'Loan'
  • Select ' Pay loan'
  • Select 'From M-pesa'
  • Enter the amount required to be paid and press OK
  • Enter your M-pesa PIN and press OK 
  • Your loan will be cleared and you Will receive a confirmation message for the same from both M-Shwari and M-pesa.


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