November 20, 2019

2020 Rehema Education Fund High school Scholarship Applications

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Applications are now open for the 2020 Rehema Education Fund Scholarships opportunities for High school Students.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered , a candidate must possess the following:
1. Student must be or will be attending a PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL
2. Must be either:
a. A student who has sat for his/her KCPE exams and will be joining FORMONE in 2020.
b. A FORM ONE student who will be starting FORM TWO in 2020.
3. Student must come from a poor family, a poor single parent household or be a poor orphan.
4. Must show proof of financial need. A stamped letter from the local chief, priest, or pastor establishing need is required.
5. Must demonstrate academic excellence: KCPE Score of 350/500 or FORM ONE average score of a B- and above.
6. Must have a stamped reference letter from a teacher from his/her primary or highschool.
7. All supporting documents must be emailed  before the application deadline: DECEMBER 2ND 2019

Required Documents

  • Scholarship application form 2020
  • Copy of KCPE results slip 
  • Copies of Form one report cards for all 3 terms if you attended form one in 2019
  • A stamped letter confirming financial need 
  • Copy of death certificate of parent if one is an orphan
  • Stamped reference letter from your primary or high school

How To Apply 

  1. Download , print and fill out the Scholarship application form and scan it.
  2. Scan all the other required documents
  3. Email to:
Applications deadline: 2nd Dec 2019 

This application is free of charge/ no fees to apply
Photos or pictures of the application form or support documents will not be accepted , all documents must be scanned.

For more information visit the Scholarship website.


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