October 25, 2020

What Are The Requirements for International Students to study in Kenya?

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As a blogger , I receive alot of queries from students outside Kenya asking me to write a post on the requirements for international students to be allowed to study in Kenya.
For quite long now ,Kenya has been attracting a number of International students from allover the world with Tanzania being in the lead.

Are you an International student with intentions to take your studies in Kenya ? If yes then this post is for you.
On this post am going to list the general requirements for a student from outside the country to be allowed to study in Kenya (Postgraduate, undergraduate ,diploma ,highschool etc).
The list is as follows:

  • Student / pupil pass 
  • Police clearance/ Abstract/ Good conduct from the country of origin 
  • Copy of Valid National passport ( Bio data page)
  • Student visa ( Some countries are Visa free)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language ( TOEFL) from non-English speaking countries
  • Copy of Admission Letter
  • Current immigration status of the student
  • Current 3 or 2 colored passport size photos ( as required by the admitting institution)
  • Copies of Basic academic certificates ( available at the time of application)
  • Committiment letter from the parent /guardian or sponsor
  • National passport copy of the parent /guardian or sponsor 
  • Proof of funds ( for self sponsored students)
The above requirements are the most mandatory documents ,however students are advised to contact the learning institution where they are going to take the studies for specific necessary documents required by the institution.

Good luck and welcome to Kenya!!


Jola Katana

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Jola Katana is an online Researcher and Informative Education content creator.

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